Kevin Bowers: Thomasville High School Coach

THOMASVILLE—The pride that comes with being a Thomasville High School Bulldog is something that is hard to express in words, but Coach Bowers’ passion for his team and his kids speaks for itself.

“Thomasville is unique,” said Bowers.  “There is a huge sense of athletic pride, and coaching here has always been a bucket-list goal of mine.”  

Bulldog Nation was something Coach Bowers believed in, even before he got the opportunity to coach at the school.  

“I am homegrown Ledford,” said Bowers. “But I am one-hundred percent Bulldog Nation!”

In his 25 plus years in coaching various sports, Bowers has done it all. He coached his daughters, Taylor and Brooke, in t-ball and softball. He has pursued his passion for wrestling and football as a high-school-level coach.

Bowers interest in working with youth has grown from watching and taking part in the personal wins of his mentors and their teams.  Many of his mentors are coaches from right next door, such as football coaches Chris Adams and Chuck Henderson from Ledford and Lexington. Others include Coach House, a former Ledford wrestling coach, with over 600 wins and a spot in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. 

Along with the long hours spent coaching, something his wife, Cindy, of 25 years has been very supportive of, is his teaching of occupational and business skills. Bowers views his role as an educator as another very important way he is able to give back to the community.  He takes pride in “working and watching [his] students be successful.”

Bowers serves as an assistant football coach and head wrestling coach at Thomasville High School.   Photo by Serena Macias.

Bowers serves as an assistant football coach and head wrestling coach at Thomasville High School. Photo by Serena Macias.

It is the little things that have pushed Bowers to become a better coach and teacher every day. He emphasizes life’s order importance of faith, family, and friends.

Bowers pushes his students and athletes to set goals and work hard to achieve them. 

“It’s about discipline in whatever you are trying to achieve,” said Bowers. “You have to have a heart for it.”

Bowers is all about coaching with a mission. He is driven daily to live up to the success of his coaching predecessors who have been great motivators and teachers.

“While the successes matter, it’s really about making a difference,” said Bowers. “Just have a positive impact in the community.”

Steve Bare, the Athletic Director at Thomasville High School, shares Bowers’ making a difference philosophy and is glad to have him on board as a fellow Bulldog.

“Coach Bowers is a wonderful addition to our athletic department and our school as a whole,” said Bare. “When he joined our staff, he came to us from South Davidson and we were ecstatic to have him here. He is a truly a warm, caring, and knowledgeable teacher and coach. His outlook on life is infectious. Coach Bowers loves our kids and loves our community. He does right by our students, holds them accountable and supports everyone. I could not be happier to have him on our staff. Coach Bowers has sincerity and genuine concern for our kids.”

Bowers ideals make him an invaluable part of the Thomasville community. His efforts are very much appreciated by the Bulldog Nation.