Andrew Lance: World of Parks and Recreation

LEXINGTON – Andrew Lance is the Manager of the Parks and Recreation Department and oversees programs, sports, and events for the City of Lexington. He enjoys being around young people and adults participating in sports or creative activities. 

Lance grew up in Durham, NC and attended the University of South Carolina (USC), meeting his wife Brittany there. He graduated in 2010 with a degree in Sports Management and interned in Virginia Beach at an indoor sports facility.  

In 2013 he moved to Downingtown, PA to begin his professional career in managing player leagues in an indoor/outdoor complex.  Lance and his wife wanted to move back to NC to be close to family.  “The Lexington opportunity appealed to me. I wanted to focus on the parks and recreation world.”  

Lance was attracted to the area's active and vibrant Parks and Recreation program, the repurposed factories, and new business growth in the area. In January 2017, he and his wife and two young sons, Jackson and Cooper, moved to Lexington.  

As a teenager, Lance played baseball and soccer, but he admits, “I realized I was not professional material, but I liked all sports and decided I wanted to be around sports as a career.”  

He credits his mentors in his previous two positions for encouraging him to listen to staff members and to welcome change, if for the better. Lance wants to build on the excellent programs already in place in the Parks and Recreation Department by educating the public about the 21 parks within the city of Lexington. These parks offer fishing, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, walking trails, athletic fields, green spaces, and swimming pools. He foresees expansion in the department, serving a greater base of citizens through the comprehensive year-round program of sports and recreational activities.  

Special events for the whole family are sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department, such as the Multicultural Festival held this year in Uptown Lexington, and the July 4th Festival held at the Davidson County Fairgrounds. 

Two new programs are under development — a skate park and an indoor facility. The first is the Rad-cliffe pool area,  which was closed at the end of the 2014 season and is to be recreated into Lexington’s first skate park. Final design work is underway, and construction plans are expected later in 2017. 

The second is the development of an indoor recreation center. In July 2014, the city purchased the former Tri-Distributors building at 940 South Main Street. This facility will expand the current youth programming, activities, and ath-letics in a safe, positive environment.  

Lance’s motto to live by is one all of us can adopt, a quotation from the baseball player Jackie Robinson, “Life is not important except for the impact it has on others.”