Heather Adkins: North Davidson High School Coach

Just four years ago North Davidson High School (NDHS) welcomed a new head volleyball coach, Heather Adkins, to the community. Since then she has been a very involved and devoted member of the athletics department. This same devotion she shows is also the motto that she preaches to her volleyball teams. 

“ʻPractice hard, play hard’, it’s all about putting in the effort which is something I take pride in doing every day,” said Adkins. 

As a child Adkins played volleyball, basketball, and swam over the summers. Being active has always come naturally to her. Adkins is devoted to more than just athletics alone. She has two children under 10 and a classroom full of kids she cares for greatly as a teacher. 

Adkins began coaching volleyball at the Junior Olympic club level. Photo  courtesy of writer.

Adkins began coaching volleyball at the Junior Olympic club level. Photo courtesy of writer.

This year Adkins is very happy to be able to commit her Saturdays to spending time with her family and going to watch her kids’ soccer games. During the week, both of her kids love to attend the NDHS home volleyball games and cheer on her team. Adkins oldest child, Saylor (age 8) is already showing her athleticism and has expressed her hopes of having her mom as her volleyball coach when she is older. 

Adkins also uses volleyball as a teaching tool with her classroom students’ instruction. She works with self-contained exceptional children and has come up with ways to incorporate the latest volleyball statistics into her math lessons. She even has her students write inspirational messages to the players on her team. 

Adkins got her start in volleyball coaching with a Junior Olympics club team. She helped coach girls of all ages during her time spent with the club. She was later offered and took on the head coaching position at Davidson County Community College (DCCC). 

During her stint with DCCC she was able to travel to Minnesota to coach her team in the national tournament. The team finished seventh in the nation which is the best finish that DCCC’s volleyball program has earned during its volleyball history. 

Adkins was offered the head volleyball coach position at NDHS after her time spent with DCCC and she accepted the opportunity. In just her first year as head coach of the NDHS program, her team was able to bring home the Davidson County tournament championship. 

Adkins says she was inspired by her high school volleyball coach, Kelan Rogers, who would always preach to give 120% effort. 

“I feel so spirited about coaching volleyball,” said Adkins. “I give my players the same tough love that has enabled me to land where I am today; the tough love that emphasizes the importance of effort above all else. I tell my girls all the time I would give anything to jersey up, step out on that court, and play competitively again.” 

Coaching, says Adkins, was the next step for her in volleyball to stay in the game that she is so passionate about. She is most proud of the unity she is seeing from her squad this season. She likes the cohesiveness the group is showing on and off the court.

NDHS athletic director, Mark Hayes, is glad to have Adkins as a part of the Black Knights coaching family. 

“She takes on a lot of roles in the community with her church, teaching, coaching, and has given a lot to the athletic community here,” said Hayes. 

Devotion defines the persona of Heather Adkins; a dedicated teacher, coach and mom. She is North Davidson proud!